For as long as I can remember I have always been drawn to “old things.” Somehow being surrounded with items from the past with their chips, scratches, and imperfections give me a sense of comfort as only a time-worn piece can. I’ve been collecting “old things” for well over 25 years and my collections include pottery, porcelain, photography, textiles and primitives. Every piece I own I use—from well-loved antique quilts gracing the end of my bed to chipped pottery vases holding cut lavender from my garden. Pieces of my collections come and go—I gift them to admiring family and friends; trade them with another collector; donate them to causes I believe in so that they may be used to raise funds needed, or sell them–allowing me to go treasure hunting for another piece or to allow another owner to add the piece to their collections.

Along my antiques journey I’ve criss-crossed the country, driving down dusty country roads or spent countless hours looking through boxes in poorly-lit barns or flea markets to find another coveted piece. I’ve also set up a booth at flea markets or shows to sell items to fund my searches and, as everyone knows, being a vendor allows you a first look at all the wonderful treasures like-minded people have brought to sell, the opportunity to purchase items first and to share a comradery with fellow vendors who share your passion for all those “old things.” A winning situation for everyone. I’ve been blessed to meet some truly amazing people all the way.

I hope you will find something that you are looking for in the pages within. The inventory is constantly changing as items come and go, so check back often.

My friend Ivan, (who calls East Sussex, U.K. his home), sends me parcels of items he has acquired in his treasure hunts across the pond, so I’ll be adding those as well–as long as I don’t keep all of them for myself, that is!