Antique English Delft Porcelain Tile – gorgeous floral pattern


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Stunning antique English delft tile with a floral design in rich blue against a white background. Overall, it is in what I would personally call excellent condition with just a couple of very minor chips along the front edges and a couple of chips to the side edge–certainly, nothing that detracts from this lovely tile. There is the slightest hint of a light, brownish-colored “stain”(?) along the left edge– my camera exaggerates the imperfection, as most digital cameras do–but it really isn’t that noticeable unless you know where to look and I mention it only to be as accurate in my description as possible. If you look at the first photo the “stain” is about midway down the tile on the left edge. Back shows the word “ENGLAND” in raised, all-cap letters (hard to see in my photos). Beautiful and one-of-a-kind piece to add to your blue and white collection. Tile has good weight to it and measures approx. 6″ square and l/8th inch deep. Given the age, I’d say this tile has survived the test of time remarkably well.

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