Wedgwood Teapot Circa 1780-1800 – impressed mark on bottom


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Antique Wedgwood teapot that is elegant in its’ simplicity.  Based on the body type, spout and impressed, all capital letter, “Wedgwood” with slight arc that shows on the bottom (very difficult to photograph) I’m dating this teapot to the 1780-1800 time frame.  Given that it is well over 200 years old the “flaws” seen, in my opinion, are minimal and do not detract from the teapot whatsoever.  Flaws include a stress fracture to the underside of the spout which is impossible for me to detect if it goes through to the other side; however, the spout when given a good pull is solid (see closeup photo of the fracture). There is heavy crazing on the inside and to the underside of spout which shows some browning; light crazing on the body and top of spout.  I see two areas on the underside of lid that look like they are old chips that have been repaired/reglued (see closeup photo)–these do not show as they are on the underside of the lid. A bit of gold loss to the lid top and detailing.  Again, for the age I feel it is in remarkably good condition. Please keep in mind that although I will package it well for shipment,  the spout has a fracture and the possibility that the movement of the teapot in shipping may result in a full breakage exists; therefore, insurance is required on this piece to help protect your investment. If you are interested in purchasing please email me for insurance pricing.