What can we find for you? 

If you’ve been searching for “THE” item to add to your collection, let us help.  Deborah has over 25 years in the antiques and collectibles field as business owner, published freelance writer for antiques and collectibles magazines, dealer and collector with a strong networking base of dealers, collectors, auction houses, estate sale companies and shop owners here in the U.S. 

Ivan, who lives full time in the U.K., brings decades-long experience to your shopping needs.  With early experience working for an auction house that dealt in arms and military sales that attracted buyers from all over the world, to being a skilled woodworker who sold his impressive personal collection of Stanley tools at auction in 2000 and who’s name appears in the credits of the second edition of John Walters book “Stanley Tools”, he is also a long-time collector and dealer of antique pottery, porcelain and other unique collectibles. He too has an extensive networking base of dealers and collectors both in the U.K. and surrounding countries. Together, we’ll work hard to fulfill your wish list—and best of all, there is no charge to you for the search.  We get paid when we find the right piece for YOU. 

To learn more, send an email to thebluewhaleantiques@gmail.com or use the contact page in the search menu, detailing what you are looking for, what your budget is, and your contact information. Providing your phone number is optional. If you have sample pictures of what you are searching for, all the better!